My Budapest
Budapest is becoming trendier than ever. If you haven’t been here yet, then pack your bags as the city has all you are looking for: historical and modernd buildings, heritage and contemporary, fresh cultural, gastronomical and nightlife scenes. In Budapest every visitor can feel like a local – every restaurant, bar has its own characteristic. With its constantly renewing lively scene, the capital is a city where it’s worth returning to. As most Hungarians I love Lecso too. It is a traditional local vegetable stew and however it is not a typical breakfast dish (actually not at all) I love it so much that if I could, I would eat it every day. Luckily at a small breakfast place near the hotel, called A la Maison, they offer it all day long.

The Central Market Hall is a place I would not miss if I was a tourist. It is best to go in the morning hours when it is lively and busy. A really colourful market that still serves as it’s original function and on the first floor you can find really good, heavy traditional local street food that is perfect for lunch. Do not miss visiting one of the bath houses while in Budapest. Most people visit Gellert or Szechenyi Bath House hence these can be pretty crowded. Still, I would highly recommend for everyone to visit Szechenyi with it’s amazing and huge outdoor hot water pools especially in the Winter when it is freezing cold. That is the best time of the year to try it. However if you want to go to a really nice old one which is kept in a good shape then go to Veli Bej, this little gem, an old Turkish bath house which is not a well known one, not even among locals so it is never really crowded. Rudas Bath is another one which is worth a visit. This bath house is the perfect combination of super old, old and new as it has a 500 year old, a 100 year old and a brand new part. This last one includes a big jacuzzi on top of the building overlooking the Danube River. Imagine that it is the middle of winter, 3am in the morning, it’s snowing and you are sitting in the hot water of the jacuzzi after partying. The city is still sleeping around you so it is perfectly quiet. (The bath is opened for night bathing from 10pm until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays).

My choice for dinner would be our very own Kollázs – Brasserie & Bar. Not because it is our hotel’s restaurant but because I have tried it many many times and the food was always superb. And I know the staff and they are absolutely amazing so it is the perfect combination. It is vibrant and inspiring, yet casual and affordable, Kollázs is a contemporary brasserie in a landmark Budapest location, overlooking the Chain Bridge and the Danube River. The Hungarian word for “collage,” Kollázs highlights creative combinations in all aspects of the dining experience. As Budapest emerges as a modern metropolis, Kollázs perfectly captures the dynamic spirit of the city: historic yet contemporary, timeless yet fresh, glamorous yet relaxed. KOLLÁZS promises to become one of Budapest’s most popular dining destinations – welcoming with understated, informal elegance.

There is no better way of finishing the day than doing a little private boat ride. These Venetian style wooden power boats of Dunarama company will give you the perfect experience. Beauty, relaxation, sightseeing, excitement and craziness at the same time. And all this in one hour. They also operate in the wintertime with a covered and heated boat. If you are still not tired we are happy to get you into Brody Studios, a private members arts club that provides creative and inspiring spaces that can be dressed up or down as required. Over 3 floors you will find 2 bars, 3 ateliers, recording studio, screening room and games (poker and pool) room. Article pictures A la Maison The Central Market Hall Gellért Bath House Széchenyi Bath House Rudas Bath House Turkish Bath Section Rudas Bath House Rooftop Jacuzzi Veli Bej Bath House Kollázs Brasserie and Bar Dunarama Private Boat Brody Studios