The Les Clefs D’or is in restaurant Baalbek
The members of Hungarian Les Clefs D’or held their usual monthly meeting in 14th March 2018 in Lebanese restaurant Baalbek of Hotel Buddha Bar.
First of all the president of the Association, Mr Péter Buday and the past president, Mr. Tamás Ungár mentioned some words about the International Congresss of Les Clefs D’or will be held in Seoul, South Korea in April. It’s possible that the Chinese Les Clefs D’ore Association will be banned, with this decision the legal prosecution hopefully will be finished.
During the rest of the night some partners had presentations:
Mr. Péter Mészáros, the representative of CAVOK VIP Airport Lounge presented the new lounge facilities.
Mr. Attila Csordás from Retro Adventures Travel Agency spoke about their new veteran Lada 1200 cars and TAM yugoslav minibuses and their „back to the past” programs.
Mr. Péter Vilcsek, the CEO of the Fábri Tours introduced their new electric Tesla limousine and their modern, unique transfers.
Mr. András Judák, the owner of Best Bike Tours Budapest informed about, - along the usual bike rental and tour services -, the new E bike rental oportunities.
Finally Ms. Nikoletta Végh represented the new salon of Furever on Andrássy Boulevard.
Before tasting the unique culinary composition of Baalbek restaurant Mr. Károly Bosznai, the banquet manager of Buddha Bar Hotel greeted the Les Clefs D’or members and the partners.